A randomised trial of a simplified method for complete denture fabrication: patient perception and quality

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SummaryComplete denture fabrication involves a series of complex technical procedures. Nevertheless, simplified methods may be as effective as conventional ones albeit the lesser use of time and resources, without disadvantage for the patient. This study compared a simplified method for complete denture fabrication to a conventional protocol in terms of oral health-related quality of life (OHRQoL), patient satisfaction and denture quality. Forty-two edentulous patients requesting treatment with complete dentures were randomly allocated into two study groups. Group S received dentures fabricated by a simplified method and Group C received conventionally fabricated dentures. Before interventions and after three and 6 months following insertion, OHRQoL and patient satisfaction were analysed by specific instruments. A prosthodontist assessed denture quality 3 months after delivery. Groups presented no difference for OHRQoL, denture quality and general satisfaction. Differences regarding patient satisfaction with some aspects of the dentures were found after 3 months (S > C), but were insignificant at 6 months. It was concluded that the simplified method is able to produce dentures of a quality comparable to those produced by the conventional method, influencing OHRQoL and patient satisfaction similarly.

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