The Location of the Sacroiliac Joint on the Outer Table of the Posterior Ilium

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Summary:Ten cadaveric sacroiliac joints were cleaned of soft tissue and analyzed to determine the average location of the sacroiliac joint on the outer table of the posterior ilium. The superior and inferior limbs of the joint were characterized according to length and width. The longitudinal axis for each limb was determined and located on the outer table of the posterior ilium. The location of the sacroiliac joint was then characterized with respect to established anatomic landmarks. The average lengths of the superior and inferior limbs were 4.4 and 5.6 cm, respectively. The width of each limb averaged 2.0 cm. The average distance from the longitudinal axis of the superior limb to the posterior superior iliac spine was 5.5 cm. The average longitudinal axis of the inferior limb was 1.2 cm superior to the inferior margin of the posterior inferior iliac spine. The angle between the two axes averaged 93°

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