Treatment of a Central Fracture-Dislocation of the Hip Using External Fixation with Iliofemoral Distraction

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Three patients were treated with external fixation with iliofemoral distraction as an alternative treatment of comminuted central fracturedislocations of the hip. The patients were mobilized on the first postoperative day and discharged from the hospital an average of 10 days postaccident. The frame was left in place for 6 weeks while the traction was maintained. Full weight bearing was started 3 months after the injury. A full range of motion in the injured hip was achieved at 4 months postoperation. No signs of avascular bone necrosis were seen during follow-up for up to 2 years. The clinical results of the described method were good, and it can be used as an alternative method, especially when open reduction is contraindicated or complicated.

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