False Aneurysm of the Medial Inferior Genicular Artery After Intramedullary Nailing of the Tibia

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Although rare, arterial false aneurysm about the knee has been a well-documented complication of many types of surgery. False aneurysms have been reported after such procedures as open meniscectomy (2-4,9,12), synovectomy (10), arthroscopy (1,5,6,8,15-17), total knee arthroplasty (7,8,11, 13), and proximal tibial osteosynthesis (14). Arteries injured in these procedures have included the popliteal artery and the descending, medial superior, medial inferior, lateral superior, and lateral inferior genicular arteries. An extensive review of the literature showed no cases of false aneurysm after intramedullary nailing of the tibia.

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