Transclavicular Osseous Sutures for the Treatment of Displaced Distal Clavicular Fractures in Children

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We describe a novel surgical technique for the treatment of displaced distal clavicular fractures in children. These fractures are rare, and recommendations on treatment vary. Conservative treatment might lead to persistent deformity and limitations of function. Previous reports of surgical treatment involve fracture fixation with K-wires. This requires a routine sequential reoperation to remove the implant and has been associated with serious complications in some patients. The surgical technique described here is based on osseous sutures through the clavicular shaft and coracoclavicular ligaments and is found successful for the treatment of distal clavicular fractures in children and may also be feasible for true acromioclavicular dislocations. The main principle of the technique is a fixation of the displaced clavicle through transclavicular drill holes, against the intact inferior periosteal sleeve at the insertion of the coracoclavicular ligaments. No temporary K-wire fixation is needed. To date, we have treated 7 patients with this technique. All fractures healed uneventfully with an excellent functional result and without skeletal deformity.

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