Repair of Displaced Partial Articular Fracture of the Distal Femur: The Hoffa Fracture

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The Hoffa fracture is a rare fracture pattern consisting of a unicondylar posterior fracture of the distal femur. This video demonstrates a case of Hoffa fracture repair using headless screw compression.


Hoffa fractures are intra-articular in nature. Given that isolated Hoffa fractures are rare, there is little information available as to the best management of this injury. However, several small studies have demonstrated good-to-excellent functional results after anatomical reduction and rigid fixation of the Hoffa fracture, followed by early mobilization.


This video presents a case of surgical repair of a Hoffa fracture, and contaminant meniscal repair, in a 25-year-old man. Partially threaded, headless compression screws provide for independent compression of the fracture after placement.


The Hoffa fracture is a rare injury typically seen after high-energy trauma. The surgical technique for treatment of the Hoffa fracture as seen in this video provides good stabilization and enables for early range of motion.

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