Fixation of a Proximal Humerus Fracture With an Intramedullary Nail

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Summary:Proximal humerus fractures (PHFs) are common injuries seen mostly in elderly patients. Although nonoperative management is acceptable for most patients, surgical fixation is often advocated for younger patients or active, elderly patients with reconstructable fractures. A variety of fixation methods exist: percutaneous pinning, open reduction and internal fixation with locking plates, and intramedullary nailing are viable options. Modern intramedullary nails serve as excellent options for the fixation of many operative PHFs. In this Supplemental Digital Content 1 (see video,, we discuss the care of a 63-year-old active, healthy female with a 2-part PHF. The details of fixation of PHFs using a straight intramedullary nail are included, as well as a relevant literature review and description of our postoperative rehabilitation protocol.

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