Extensile Fasciotomy for Compartment Syndrome of the Forearm and Hand

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The purpose of this video is to demonstrate the technique of an extensile fasciotomy of the forearm and hand.


A patient presented to our hospital with a rapidly progressing infection of the right upper extremity and clinical signs and symptoms of compartment syndrome. The patient was immediately taken to the operating room for decompressive fasciotomy, debridement, drainage, and irrigation of what cultures subsequently revealed to be a virulent streptococcal infection. Important anatomical structures are identified in the video as the compartments of the forearm and hand are decompressed through volar and dorsal incisions. In the conclusion of the video, the skin is loosely approximated over the elbow and wrist flexion creases, and a bulky gauze dressing is applied including a plaster splint.


The video is 6 minutes, 20-second duration in time, and 558,180,000 bytes in size.


This video successfully demonstrates the anatomical approach and technique of an extensile forearm and hand fasciotomy for compartment syndrome related to a rapidly progressing infection.

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