Outcomes of Presumed Aseptic Long-Bone Nonunions With Positive Intraoperative Cultures Through a Single-Stage Surgical Protocol

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To evaluate the outcomes of a single-stage surgical protocol to treat a presumed aseptic long-bone nonunion with positive intraoperative cultures obtained at the time of surgery.


Retrospective comparative series.


Orthopaedic specialty hospital.

Patients and Methods:

We retrospectively identified 77 patients with long-bone nonunions thought to be aseptic preoperatively, which grew bacteria from cultures obtained at the time of index nonunion surgery.


Fifty (65%) patients underwent open debridement of the nonunion site followed by surgical stabilization through plates and screws. Twenty-seven (35%) patients underwent exchange nailing with canal reamings used for cultures.

Main Outcome Measurement:

Rate of radiographic union, time to clinical and radiographic union, nonunion rate after index nonunion surgery, and final union rate after revision procedures.


Osseous union after the index nonunion surgery was achieved in 84% of the patients (65 of 77). Time to clinical union was 6.3 months (range, 1–24 months), and time to radiographic union was 7.4 months (range, 2–24 months). Eighteen percent (14 of 77 patients) did not heal after the index nonunion surgery and required additional surgeries. The final union rate after revision surgery was 99% (76 of 77 patients).


Eighty-four percent of presumed aseptic nonunions of long-bone fractures with positive intraoperative cultures fully healed after a single-stage surgical protocol and long-term antibiotic when appropriate. When patients are diagnosed with a subclinical infected nonunion, they should be counseled about the higher likelihood of reoperation, but in most cases can expect excellent union rates after 1 additional surgery.

Level of Evidence:

Prognostic Level IV. See Instructions for Authors for a complete description of levels of evidence.

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