Treatment of Incomplete Jones Fracture with Low-Intensity Pulsed Ultrasound (LIPUS): Second Report

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The incidence of fifth metatarsal stress fracture (so-called Jones fracture) is high in soccer players, and it is higher in Japanese than in Europeans. Aiming to prevent this disease, “Jones fracture screening” was performed with a survey of its frequency and an educational activity. At this meeting last year, we reported 5 patients with incomplete fracture that was discovered early and treated using LIPUS. Herein, we report the course of incomplete fracture in 14 feet from 13 patients, including the previously reported patients.

Subjects and Methods:

The subjects were one junior high school student (1 foot), 6 senior high school students (7 feet), and 6 university students (6 feet) who were diagnosed with incomplete fracture by radiography. Nine cases (8 patients) were discovered during the screening, and 5 patients were referred to our hospital by trainers. Each patient received conservative treatment while continuing practice and concomitant treatment with LIPUS was performed appropriately.


Bone union was achieved in 7 feet (7 patients), the condition progressed to complete fracture in 2 feet (2 patients), and 5 feet (4 patients) are currently being followed. Progression to complete fracture in the 2 feet occurred after discontinuation of treatment with LIPUS.


Early treatment of incomplete Jones fracture with LIPUS may achieve healing without suspending practice. Based on the findings of the 2 feet (2 patients) in which the condition progressed to complete fracture, the risk of progression to complete fracture may be low in the presence of treatment with LIPUS. We expect approval of the indication of LIPUS for the treatment of stress fracture.

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