Shoulder Arthrodesis

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Purpose:The purpose of this video is to demonstrate the surgical technique of a shoulder arthrodesis for a patient with multidirectional instability and multiple failed previous surgeries.Methods:A 25-year-old woman with a long history of left shoulder multidirectional instability in the setting of Ehlers–Danlos syndrome is shown undergoing a shoulder arthrodesis. The video demonstrates intraoperative patient positioning, approach, shoulder osseous and articular preparation, implant placement (narrow 4.5 dynamic compression plate), and wound closure. The video includes a brief case history with preoperative radiographic imaging, indications, and patient outcome with postoperative radiographic imaging.Results:The video is 11 minutes, 34 seconds in time.Conclusion:This video demonstrates a left shoulder arthrodesis with successful glenohumeral positioning of 30 degrees/30 degrees/30 degrees flexion, abduction, and internal rotation, respectively, and functional ability to reach the mouth and top of the head.

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