ORIF With Submuscular Plating of an Intercondylar/Supracondylar Distal Femur Fracture

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Fractures of the distal femur with intercondylar extension and comminution are challenging cases and demand a thorough preoperative evaluation and execution of proper surgical technique. Identification of the intra-articular fractures, including coronal fractures of the lateral condyle, is important in planning surgery and emphasizes the need for computerized tomography scans. Recent advances with anatomic, locking plates have made minimally invasive surgery easier, but joint reduction needs to be performed meticulously in an open manner, and restoration of the mechanical alignment through plate fixation is essential for a good clinical outcome. Stable fixation that allows for early range of motion and mobilization are essential for the patient's recovery. This video demonstrates open reduction and internal fixation of a high-energy supracondylar/intercondylar distal femur fracture and emphasizes minimally invasive, biologically friendly techniques.

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