Anterior Pelvic Ring: Introduction to Evaluation and Management

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The evaluation and management of pelvic ring injuries continues to evolve. Historic treatment was primarily nonsurgical, which yielded to open surgical treatment as the benefits of restoring pelvic anatomy and stability became clear. The development of percutaneous techniques for pelvic ring fixation enabled surgeons to reduce and stabilize certain injuries without the need for large open surgical dissections. Although percutaneous iliosacral screw fixation of sacral fractures and sacroiliac disruptions is the standard for most posterior pelvic ring injuries, the evaluation and treatment of anterior pelvic ring disruptions remains a controversial topic among surgeons who treat these injuries. Universally accepted indications for anterior pelvic ring stabilization do not exist, and there is little comparative data to support one surgical technique over another. In fact, some believe that for many injuries, the anterior ring rarely requires fixation after stable fixation of the posterior pelvic ring. The purpose of this work is to present a brief history on management of the anterior pelvic ring as a component of pelvic ring disruptions and briefly review the anatomy of the anterior pelvic ring. Finally, we will introduce the current techniques available for anterior pelvic reduction/stabilization and present information on evaluation of anterior ring stability as a means of guiding treatment.

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