Propylene glycol intoxication in a dog

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To describe the clinical course, treatment, and outcome of a dog with propylene glycol intoxication.

Case Summary

An adult castrated male Australian cattle dog presented to an emergency clinic for an acute onset of ataxia and disorientation after roaming a construction site unsupervised. He tested positive for ethylene glycol using a point-of-care test kit. Treatment for ethylene glycol intoxication included intermittent intravenous boluses of 20% ethanol and hemodialysis. Predialysis and postdialysis blood samples were submitted to the toxicology lab to assess for both ethylene and propylene glycol. The patient tested negative for ethylene glycol and positive for propylene glycol at 1100 mg/dL predialysis and 23 mg/dL postdialysis. The dog made a full recovery.

New or Unique Information Provided

To the authors' knowledge, this is the first report of documented propylene glycol intoxication in a dog, as well as the first report to describe hemodialysis as treatment for propylene glycol intoxication in a dog.

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