Botox and Thumb MCP Radial Collateral Ligament Reconstruction

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We report the use of botulinum toxin to aid in the treatment of chronic radial collateral ligament insufficiency of the thumb.

Case Description

Treatment included autograft tendon reconstruction and cast immobilization. Six weeks postoperatively, prior to hand therapy, the patient underwent an ultrasound-guided botulinum neurotoxin A injection into the adductor pollicis muscle to negate its deforming forces on the reconstruction. The patient made an excellent recovery and 1 year postoperatively was pain free and had a stable radial collateral ligament (RCL) upon examination.

Literature Review

The outcomes of RCL repair and reconstruction are unpredictable, in part, due to the strong opposing forces of the adductor pollicis.

Clinical Relevance

The use of Botox injection may enhance the outcomes of RCL repair or reconstruction by neutralizing the deforming forces of the adductor muscle.

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