Micro Screw Fixation for Small Proximal Pole Scaphoid Fractures with Distal Radius Bone Graft

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BackgroundAchieving adequate fixation and healing of small proximal pole acute scaphoid fractures can be surgically challenging due to both fragment size and tenuous vascularity.PurposeThe purpose of this study was to demonstrate that this injury can be managed successfully with osteosynthesis using a “micro” small diameter compression screw with distal radius bone graft with leading and trailing screw threads less than 2.8 mm.Patients and MethodsPatients with proximal pole scaphoid fragments comprising less than 20% of the entire scaphoid were included. Fixation was accomplished from a dorsal approach with a micro headless compression screw and distal radius bone graft. Six patients were included. Average follow-up was 44 months (range, 11-92).ResultsMean proximal pole fragment size was 14% (range, 9-18%) of the entire scaphoid. The mean immobilization time was 6 weeks, time-to-union of 6 weeks, and final flexion/extension arc of 88°/87°. All patients had a successful union, and no patient had deterioration in range of motion, avascular necrosis, or fragmentation of the proximal pole.ConclusionSmall diameter screws with a maximal thread diameter of ≤ 2.8 mm can be used to fix the union of proximal pole acute scaphoid fractures comprising less than 20% of the total area with good success.Level of EvidenceTherapeutic case series, Level IV.

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