Physical and mechanical properties required for violin bow materials II: Comparison of the processing properties and durability between pernambuco and substitutable wood species

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Pernambuco (Guilandina echinata Spreng. syn Caesalpinia echinata Lam.), which has been used for a material of violin bows, was compared with substitutable wood species from the viewpoint of processing properties and durability. The properties required for bow material are discussed. The shearing strength of pernambuco was higher than that of the other wood species at the same specific gravity. High shearing strength seems to be effective for preventing damage to the head (top part) of the bow. The presence of extractives affects the thermal softening of wood material, but ease of handling and permanent retention of form are not particularly superior for pernambuco, although it does have a high extractives content. A peculiarly low loss tangent (tan S) of pernambuco can probably be attributed to the large amount of extractives, rather than the mean microfibril angle.

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