A novel control strategy for dry-wood termiteIncisitermes minorinfestation using a bait system

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Three types of experiments were designed to evaluate the performance of a bait system intended to control Incisitermes minor (Hagen). In the first type of experiment, Type I, the effectiveness of the bait in a small wood specimen was evaluated. In the second type, Type II, the bait effectiveness was evaluated in a larger wood specimen. Feeding arena lumber with artificial galleries was prepared for the Type III experiment so that the response of the insects to the gel could be observed. In general, the average percentage of termites that died after being exposed to the gel formulation in all three types of experiment was more than 60%, and in the gel control the average percentage of live termites was more than 95% in Types I and III, and more than 75% in Type II. These results suggest that the gel bait system used in this study has the potential to eliminate I. minor colonies. Further investigation will be necessary to increase the reliability of the bait system as a control measure against dry-wood termites.

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