Clonal variation of carbon content in wood ofLarix kaempferi(Japanese larch)

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Variations in carbon content in wood among 102 clones, selected from almost the entire natural distribution area, were investigated in Larix kaempferi. The average carbon content was 50.50%, 50.94%, and 50.80% in sapwood, heartwood, and whole wood, respectively. The difference in carbon content between clones was significant. The clonal repeatabilities were 0.46, 0.38, and 0.44 in heartwood, sapwood and whole wood, respectively. The coefficients of variation in the clonal mean carbon content were only 0.43%, 0.42%, and 0.41% in heartwood, sapwood, and whole wood, respectively. This small genetic variation and resulting small relative genetic gain of carbon content indicate that the genetic improvement of carbon content by selection has a small effect on the genetic improvement of carbon sequestration capacity by selection in L. kaempferi.

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