Variation in wood properties of six natural acacia hybrid clones in northern Vietnam

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Wood properties of six 8-year-old natural acacia hybrid clones between Acacia mangium and Acacia auriculiformis, planted in Bavi, Vietnam, were studied. The hybrid clones possessed obvious heterosis in growth and in some wood properties. The characteristics of growth, air-dry specific gravity, lengths of fibers and vessel elements, S2 microfibril angle, green moisture content, and shrinkage were examined to clarify the variation among clones. From the results, the differences among the clones in growth and in some wood properties were significant. The pattern of distribution of specific gravity showed that there were low and high specific gravity zones in the stem. Specific gravity at stump height or at 3.0 m was useful for prediction of specific gravity in the whole tree stem. Moreover, clones with high specific gravity can be predicted at a young age. There was no significant correlation between diameter growth and specific gravity. Of the six clones studied, clone BV5 was selected as the best based on its growth ability and specific gravity.

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