Radial variations of wood properties of an endangered species,Pinus armandiivar.amamiana

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A dead tree of Pinus armandii Franch. var. amamiana (Koidz.) Hatusima (abbreviated to PAAm) was obtained from a natural habitat on Tanega-shima Island and various properties of its wood were investigated. Grain angle was measured and soft X-ray analysis was undertaken to obtain the density in each annual ring. Unit shrinkage and dynamic properties were measured by shrinkage, bending, and compression tests. Variations of wood properties in the radial direction, relationships of wood properties to density, and annual ring width were examined. Roughly speaking, variations in the radial direction of the grain angle, twist angle by drying, Young's modulus and strength in static bending, absorbed energy in impact bending, compressive Young's modulus, compressive strength, and compressive proportional limit corresponded to the variation of annual ring width. As a result, it was determined that if PAAm is afforested artificially for the purposes of lumber production and conservation, the annual rings of logs should not be too widely spaced. Wood properties of PAAm were similar to those of Japanese black pine (Pinus thunbergii Parl.), which is another representative pine on Tanegashima Island.

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