Generic on-line solid phase extraction sample preparation strategies for the analysis of drugs in biological matrices by LC–MS/MS

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In the present work we investigate the integration of a single hardware platform (Prospekt-2) allowing on-line SPE with pre-/post-trapping dilution and direct injection of plasma extracts, and also compare the benefits and challenges of the different approaches for pharmaceutical drugs with heterogeneous physicochemical properties. In the first part, the generic use of on-line SPE with direct plasma injection or after protein precipitation was investigated for the quantitative analysis of talinolol. In the second part, pre-trapping and post-trapping dilution for on-line SPE is discussed for generic method development on an oxadiazole and its major metabolite. Finally, the difference of performance between direct plasma injection vs. off-line liquid–liquid extraction is also described for the quantification of buprenorphine and naltrexone down to 50 and 100 pg/ml using a 0.25 ml plasma aliquot. All assays were in human plasma and detection was performed by mass spectrometry detection either on simple or triple stage quadrupoles. Regardless of the tested strategy, assays were found linear, with precision and accuracy with <15% for all quality controls samples and <20% for lower limit of quantitation.

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