Rapid endoglin determination in serum samples using an amperometric magneto-actuated disposable immunosensing platform

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A sensitive and rapid method for the determination of the clinically relevant biomarker human endoglin (CD105) in serum samples is presented, involving a magneto-actuated immunoassay and amperometric detection at disposable screen-printed carbon electrodes (SPCEs). Micro-sized magnetic particles were modified with a specific antibody to selectively capture the target protein which was further sandwiched with a secondary HRP-labeled antibody. The immunocomplexes attached to the magnetic carriers were amperometrically detected at SPCEs using the hydroquinone (HQ)/H2O2/HRP system. The magneto-actuated immunosensing platform was able to detect 5 pmoles of endoglin (in 25 μL of sample, 0.2 μM) in 30 min providing statistically similar results to those obtained using a commercial ELISA kit for the determination of endogenous content of endoglin in human serum samples.

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