Recent progress for the selective pharmaceutical analyses using molecularly imprinted adsorbents and their related techniques: A review

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A well-organized molecularly imprinted polymer (MIP) provides the amazing selective molecular recognition ability, which have been close to natural enzymes and antibodies. One of the most efficient applications of MIPs is a selective separation and detection of pharmaceutical compounds in biological and/or environmental samples. MIP-based solid phase extraction now capacitates the selective concentration of the targeting compound from real samples. Also, many of the attractive methodological approaches and applications regarding the analysis of pharmaceutical samples using molecular imprinting technologies (MITs) have been reported in recent years. In this review, we summarize a part of the recent these works related to a new preparation concept of the adsorption adsorbents, sensitive sensor techniques, cell/bacteria separation, and drug delivery system. We believe that our concise summary will be of assistance to additional methodological MITs and highly selective separations/detections.

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