Physicochemical analysis in the evaluation of reconstituted dry emulsion tablets

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HIGHLIGHTSDry emulsion systems were prepared with lyophilisation or direct compression.Quality attributes were characterized after reconstitution into aqueous emulsion.Droplet size analysis and turbidimetry were applied to evaluate redispersibility.Mannitol is found to be an effective excipient to form tablets.The aim of this study was to characterize the formation of emulsions by droplet size analysis and turbidimetry during reconstitution from a solid dosage form, namely from dry emulsion systems, which carry an oil phase for poorly soluble active ingredients. For the dry emulsion systems tablets were prepared either from oil-in-water systems using a freeze-drying process or through direct compression containing the same oil and excipients. The ratios of oil to emulgents and oil to xanthan gum were equal in both methods. In the preparation methods applied, mannitol, erythritol and lactose were used as excipients and mannitol was found to be the most effective excipient based on droplet size reconstitution, turbidimetry and physical properties. Quality control involved testing the physical properties of tablets and characterizing the reconstituted emulsions.

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