Enantiomers of triclabendazole sulfoxide: Analytical and semipreparative HPLC separation, absolute configuration assignment, and transformation into sodium salt

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Direct HPLC separation of the enantiomers of triclabendazole sulfoxide (TCBZ-SO), which is the main metabolite of the anthelmintic drug triclabendazole, was carried out using the polysaccharide-based Chiralpak AS-H and Chiralpak IF-3 chiral stationary phases (CSPs). The chromatographic behaviour of both CSPs was evaluated and compared using normal-phase and reversed-phase eluents at different column temperatures. The eluent mixture of n-hexane-2-propanol-trifluoroacetic acid 70:30:0.1 (v/v/v) and a column temperature of 40 °C were identified as the best operational conditions to carry out semipreparative enantioseparations on a 1-cm I.D. AS-H column. Under these conditions, 12.5 mg of racemic sample were resolved in a single chromatographic run within 15 min. Comparison of calculated and experimental chiroptical properties provided the absolute configuration assignment at the sulfur atom. The salification of the isolated enantiomers of TCBZ-SO by reaction with sodium hydroxide solution produced water-soluble Na salts which are potentially useful in the development of new anthelmintic enantiomerically pure formulations.

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