Non-volatile extractable analysis of prefilled syringes for parenteral administration of drug products

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Graphical abstractHighlightsDetermination of extractables profile for prefilled syringes at several conditions.Implementation of a simulated extractable study for long-term storage.Application of a simulated immersion study for stoppers according to ISO 10993-12.Use of liquid–liquid extraction as sample treatment for aqueous-based extracts.Use of UHPLC-QToF-MS as analytical technique for extractables identification.The determination of extractable profiles for single-use technologies represents an important aspect of pharmaceutical production to minimize any possible compromise in drug product quality or potential risk to patients by identifying substances that may potentially leach from such devices. An approach for the extractable assessment of prefilled syringes, a promising alternative for parenteral administration of pharmaceutical products, is described herein. Four extraction solvents were selected: a mixture 2-propanol:water (1:1), was intended to represent aggressive conditions to extract a broad spectrum of extractables, including organic additives and substances which are poorly water-soluble. Extractions with buffers at three different working pH values spanning a range standardly used in pharmaceutical formulations were also evaluated to identify substances that require specific conditions for their extraction due to their individual chemical properties. Syringes from two different brands were analysed along with their corresponding plunger stoppers. Syringes were extracted at 40 °C for 4 days, the plunger stoppers were extracted with 2-propanol at 70 °C for 24 h according to ISO 10993-12:2012. Extractables were identified by UHPLC–MS on a quadrupole time of flight instrument using a non-targeted discovery strategy. A total of 25 compounds were identified, mostly polymer additives and their degradation products. The presented methodology represents a reference point for further studies focused on the characterisation of extractables and leachables from prefilled syringes.

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