A re-investigation of the phytochemical composition of the edible herbAmaranthus retroflexusL.

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In this paper the presence of selected prenylated and unprenylated phenylpropanoids of nutraceutical value, namely umbelliferone, apigenin, 4′-geranyloxyferulic acid, 7-isopentenyloxycoumarin, auraptene, and umbelliprenin have been determined in all parts of the edible herb Amaranthus retroflexus extracted with different methodologies. Roots were seen to contain the widest variety of unprenylated and prenylated phenylpropanoids both in terms of number of secondary metabolites and their quantitites. Findings described in the present study underline how A. retroflexus can be considered as a potential nutraceutical for human welfare.Graphical abstractHighlightsA method was set up for the quantification of nutraceuticals in Amaranthus retroflexus.Prenyloxyphenylpropanoids have been disclosed for the first time.Widening of the nutraceutical pool knowledge in Amaranthaceae plants.The radical scavenging activity was determined.

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