Lyophilic matrix method for dissolution and release studies of nanoscale particles

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Graphical abstractHighlightsThe lyophilic matrix (LM) method for dissolution studies of powders, nanoparticles, and particulate systems is introduced.LM method avoids issues encountered with current dissolution methods such as the diffusion barrier and dispersion of particles.LM method permits rapid contact with the dissolution medium.The method separates the dissolved species from the non-dissolved particles.We introduce a system with a lyophilic matrix to aid dissolution studies of powders and particulate systems. This lyophilic matrix method (LM method) is based on the ability to discriminate between non-dissolved particles and the dissolved species. In the LM method the test substance is embedded in a thin lyophilic core-shell matrix. This permits rapid contact with the dissolution medium while minimizing dispersion of non-dissolved particles without presenting a substantial diffusion barrier. The method produces realistic dissolution and release results for particulate systems, especially those featuring nanoscale particles. By minimizing method-induced effects on the dissolution profile of nanopowders, the LM method overcomes shortcomings associated with current dissolution tests.

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