Study on the stability control strategy ofTriphalasolution based on the balance of physical stability and chemical stabilities

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HIGHLIGHTSThe instability of association colloid is the main reason for Triphala precipitation, adjusting the pH value can improve it.Turbiscan Lab is introduced into the study, which provides a new reference for the stability evaluation of TCM liquid preparations.The paper propose a novel stability control strategy that based on the balance of physical and chemical stabilities.Triphala is a well-known prescription in Indian Ayurveda and TCM medicine for its great effect on gingivitis and hyperlipidemia. However, its solution is unstable for the containing of excessive polyphenol, leading to the production of sediment in the short term and the decrease of efficacy. Based on the analysis of sediment formation, a novel control strategy is proposed. To conduct the analysis, the sediment formation was recorded for a consecutive five days. The changes in the composition of the supernatant and the sediment were studied by the HPLC profile analysis. The main components of the sediment were identified as corilagin, ellagic acid and gallic acid, and the amount of ellagic acid sediment increased with the storage time. Then, with a series of pH status adjustments of the Triphala solution, the physical and chemical stabilities were acquired by Turbiscan and HPLC respectively. The results showed that as the pH value increased, so did the physical stability, but the particle size and TSI of the association decreased. While the fingerprint of chemical profile similarity decreased, so did the chemical stability. Combining physical and chemical stability parameters, an equilibrium point was found out. When the pH value was adjusted to 5.0, both the physical and chemical stabilities were better: the verification test showed that the sedimentation inhibition rates on the 3rd, 5th,10th and15th days were 41%, 55%, 41%, and 23%, respectively. This manuscript provided a new control strategy that will pique pharmaceutical and food development engineers’ interest and trigger research ideas controlling the quality of decoction.

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