Identification of degradation products of praziquantel during the mechanochemical activation

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Praziquantel (PZQ) is an inexpensive, low toxicity BCS II class anthelmintic drug used for the treatment of neglected tropical diseases. In earlier papers a mechanochemical activation has been used to induce physical transformations on the drug which would ameliorate its solubility and hence its bioavailability and a systematic study of the effects of varying temperature, frequency and time of milling on drug melting enthalpy and drug recovery was given. In this communication, the focus is on the degradation products that are formed during this mechanical treatment of Praziquantel. In the cogrinding process with povidone and crospovidone several degradation products are formed. Different degradation products are formed, which depend on the type of polymer rather than the process conditions. Two of the most prominent degradation products were identified and their structure proposed on the basis of information obtained from GC–MS, UPLC-MS and 1H NMR techniques.

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