Nursing Activities in the Prevention and Treatment of Perioperative Complications After Airway Foreign Body Removal in Pediatric Patients

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Purpose:1) To evaluate postanesthesia complications after bronchoscopy performed for a suspected foreign body (FB) in the pediatric population and 2) To propose an algorithm of nursing activities for management of this problem.Design:A retrospective descriptive design was used.Methods:A chart review of 155 children who underwent rigid bronchoscopy for FB removal was conducted.Finding:Complications occurred in 78% of children: 43% of them experienced desaturation below 90% requiring oxygen therapy. Therapy ranged from oxygen administration via blow-by nasal cannula or face mask (89%) to positive pressure ventilation via bag-mask (23%). Seven percent of the population required intubation and admission to intensive care unit (all were less than 2 years of age).Conclusions:Our results suggest special attention to the children less than 2 years of age as serious respiratory failure may occur after FB removal. The algorithm for nurses was created to manage children after bronchoscopy.

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