Correlational Study of Sleep Apnea Patient Characteristics With Discharge Locations

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Purpose:To determine if a correlation exists between OSA patient characteristics and the PACU discharge location; and the characteristics of the patients at-risk for low saturation levels, increased number of desaturations, and longer length of stay in the PACU.Design:Retrospective, correlational study design.Method:Chart review of OSA patients ≥ 18 years old. Correlational analysis was performed between 15 high risk patient variables and the PACU discharge disposition: home or monitored bed. Complications resulting in monitored bed admission were reviewed.Findings:153 patients' charts were reviewed. The results showed that age>60, ASA classification, anesthesia type and narcotics use in the PACU were significantly correlated (p≤.05) with a patient's discharge disposition.Discussion:The findings are consistent with other OSA research except BMI was not significant in this study.Conclusion:The results highlighted areas for future research and implications for clinical practice that would enable the perioperative care team to deliver safe care based on evidence.

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