Communication Between Postdelivery Mothers in the PACU and Newborns in Israel

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Background:Perioperative, maternity, and newborn nurses discovered a solution using modern technology to facilitate earlier “connection” between postcesarean section mothers and their newborns using televised video conference (VC) or telemedicine. Videoconferencing used as a support in cases of separation after childbirth can facilitate a first “meeting” closer to the time of birth.Aim:The aim of this study was to design and validate the use of video conferencing to facilitate “bonding” between postdelivery cesarean delivery mothers who are separated from their infants.Design:Mixed quantitative and qualitative.Method:Mothers (n = 29) completed questionnaires investigating immediate postpartum needs for communication with their newborns. Questionnaire analysis revealed the primary need is connection and communication. The nursing team developed a VC system between postanesthesia care unit and newborn unit including nurse-mother instruction. Mothers (n = 10) were qualitatively queried regarding their VC experience.Results:When prioritizing, mothers found the most important need is to see the infant. Eight themes were found: revelation, calming effect, closer look at the baby, video better than picture, excitement, short-timing sufficient, provision of strength, and confidence.Conclusion:The nursing team successfully coordinated new technologies to the hospital setting to fulfill mothers' needs. After evaluation of mothers' impressions, it was found that this technology is adaptable to hospital setting and postdelivery environment. Most importantly, this method contributes to improved well-being for postpartum mothers.

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