Does Site Matter? Comparing Accuracy and Patient Comfort of Blood Glucose Samples Taken From the Finger and Palm of the Perioperative Patient

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This study compared two blood glucose (BG) point of care sampling methods to determine which is least painful yet accurate.


The two-period, two-treatment crossover trial compared the traditional fingertip sampling method to a form of alternative site testing (AST), palm of the hand.


Subjects received both methods of BG sampling to compare comfort and accuracy. They were randomly assigned to determine which method was used first. Pain rating (0 to 10) and glucose results for both methods were documented.


Results indicated that pain rating was significantly lower with AST (1.65) than with the standard site (2.83) (P < .001). There was no significant difference in mean glucose measurements between standard care (150 mg/dL) and AST (149 mg/dL). The numbers were closely correlated (r = 0.9815).


Findings support AST via the palm of the hand as an accurate and less painful method of obtaining BG results on diabetic patients.

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