Nurses' Perceptions of Patient Care Continuity in Day Surgery

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Purpose:The increase in day surgery has brought about a significant change in patient care and care continuity. The purpose of this study was to analyze nurses' perceptions of the realization of continuity of care in day surgery. Continuity of care is examined from the perspectives of time, flow, co-ordination flow, caring relationship flow, and information flow.Design:Descriptive study.Methods:A questionnaire including demographics and questions about continuity of care was completed by 83 of the 120 eligible nurses (response rate, 69%) in one hospital district in Finland.Findings:According to the nurses, continuity of patient care is mostly well realized. On the day of surgery, information flow was the domain that was best realized. In the opinion of the nurses, continuity of care was least realized at home before surgery and at home during the period after surgery.Conclusions:Based on nurses′ perceptions, continuity of care was relatively well realized.

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