Comfort Theory in Practice—Nurse Anesthetists' Comfort Measures and Interventions in a Preoperative Context

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The Comfort Theory proposes a systematic work approach to respond to patients' holistic needs. The usefulness of the Comfort Theory in the perioperative setting should be investigated. The aim of this study was to describe and analyze the nurse anesthetist's comfort measures in the preoperative context on the basis of the Comfort Theory


Qualitative observational study


Semi-structured, clinical observation data collection in the preoperative context and deductive thematic analysis


The nurse anesthetist's comfort measures in the preoperative phase in the operating room department aim to ensure the patient's needs of relief, ease and transcendence in the physical, psycho-spiritual, environmental and socio-cultural contexts


The application of the Comfort Theory to daily work in the preoperative phase is of value for the nurse anesthetist in becoming more aware of the individual holistic needs of the patient and in this way adapting and initiating comfort measures and interventions.

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