Analysis of Environmental Conditions in the Operating Room for Latex-Allergic Patients' Safety

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Most current protocols agree that latex-sensitive patients should be scheduled for elective surgery as the first case of the day with a 12-hour activity-free interval before surgically treating latex-allergic patients.


To understand the kinetics of decontamination of airborne particles in the operating room (OR) after a surgical procedure to determine the activity-free interval necessary between surgeries for latex-allergic patients.


This observational study included 12 ORs in four hospitals. Baseline levels of airborne particles were established before surgery.


Mean recovery time of ORs was 18.9 ± 6.5 minutes. To guarantee an efficacy of 99.9%, two standard deviations were added to the maximum time (28 minutes). Total recovery time: 32 minutes.


ORs that complied with the requirements of our study before performing surgery on latex-allergic patients obtained the same environmental conditions as first thing in the morning after thorough cleaning of the OR and a 32-minute activity-free interval and staff traffic restriction.

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