Multiparametric evaluation of the cytoprotective effect of theMangifera indica L. stem bark extract and mangiferin in HepG2 cells

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Mango (Mangifera indica L.) stem bark extract (MSBE) is a natural product with biological properties and mangiferin is the major component. This paper reported the evaluation of the protective effects of MSBE and mangiferin against the toxicity induced in HepG2 cells by tert-butyl hydroperoxide or amiodarone.


Nuclear morphology, cell viability, intracellular calcium concentration and reactive oxygen species (ROS) production were measured by using a high-content screening multiparametric assay.

Key findings

MSBE and mangiferin produced no toxicity below 500 mg/ml doses. A marked recovery in cell viability, which was reduced by the toxicants, was observed in cells pre-exposed to MSBE or mangiferin at 5–100 mg/ml doses. We also explored the possible interaction of both products over P-glycoprotein (P-gp). MSBE and mangiferin above 100 mg/ml inhibited the activity of P-gp in HepG2 cells.


MSBE and mangiferin showed cytoprotective effects of against oxidative damage and mitochondrial toxicity induced by xenobiotics to human hepatic cells but it seemed that other constituents of the extract could contribute to MSBE protective properties. In addition, the drug efflux should be taken into account because of the inhibition of the P-gp function observed in those cells exposed to both natural products.

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