Cicca acidaL.: phytochemistry and pharmacological studies

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Cicca acida L., is reported with traditional and pharmacological uses, and a good number of pure compounds have been isolated from its different parts. But published information is sporadic and fragmentary in nature. Therefore, it is imperative to have a comprehensive account of all of its medicinal potentialities with critical analysis. In this review, the traditional reports, phytochemical and pharmacology studies associated with Cicca acida have been compiled to figure out the net possibilities for its application in modern medicine.

Key findings

Careful scrutiny reveals that the plant possesses a huge range of medicinal properties, but published report analysis suggests that the plant is effectively used as antibacterial, hepatoprotective, anticonceptive and antidiabetic purposes. The published papers revealed the bioactivity of only 04 compounds. This indicates that a good number of isolated major compounds of this plant are yet to be pharmacologically investigated.


Intensive study of Cicca acida showed that despite of its plentiful isolated molecules, the effort leading to final product stage seems to be less. Therefore, the plant and its compounds need concentrated effort towards establishment of its therapeutic potentialities.

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