Using Continuous Motion Monitoring Technology to Determine Patient’s Risk for Development of Pressure Ulcers

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To perform initial validation of a continuous motion monitoring technology that can potentially be used as a risk assessment tool to determine risk for developing pressure ulcers (PUs).


We have used the EverOn system (Earlysense LTD, Ramat Gan, Israel) as a bed movement and activity monitor. The EverOn is a contactless continuous measurement system based on a piezoelectric sensor that is placed under the patient’s mattress. The study was a noninterventional study performed in 2 medical departments in 2 medical centers. Recorded movement data from enrolled patients were retrospectively analyzed, and patients were assigned a motion level score. Motion scores for the first night of hospitalization were correlated with the Norton scale as calculated per patient on admission.


Overall, 116 patients were included in the study from the 2 sites. Motion score was significantly different between the PU risk groups as determined by the Norton scale (10.7 ± 6.2 for low, 5.4 ± 4.9 for intermediate, and 1.6 ± 3.2 for high risk; P < 0.001). Using the Norton scale as a gold standard to define high risk for developing PU (≤14), the sensitivity of the motion score was 85%, and the specificity was 93%. With regard to individual risk components, we found that activity, mobility, physical condition, and incontinence correlated highly with motion level.


The high correlation between the EverOn motion score and the calculated Norton scale indicates the potential of this technology to serve as a risk assessment tool for the development of PUs.

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