The use of a zirconia custom implant-supported fixed partial denture prosthesis to treat implant failure in the anterior maxilla: A clinical report

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Over the last decade, there has been a dramatic rise in patients' esthetic expectations with regard to both conventional and implant prosthodontics. The loss of hard and/or soft tissue dimensions, often unpredictably, around implants, can result in potential embarrassment due to the display of metal components. Patients are understandably reluctant to accept visibility of metal abutments and/or the implant substructures, especially in the esthetic zone, even if biologically sound. The use of 1-piece zirconia implant frameworks or, alternatively, custom zirconia abutments with a zirconia framework, has enabled both a good biological response as well as the ability to improve the esthetic outcome. This clinical report demonstrates the use of a 1-piece zirconia implant-supported fixed partial denture in the anterior maxilla, with minimal soft tissue dimension above the implant shoulder level, which dictated the need for prosthetic soft tissue augmentation. (J Prosthet Dent 2008;100:415-421)

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