Evaluation of patient experience and satisfaction with CAD-CAM-fabricated complete dentures: A retrospective survey study

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Statement of problem.Reports of sound, evidence-based treatment outcomes of computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacture (CAD-CAM) of complete dentures (CD) are lacking in publication databases.Purpose.The purpose of this retrospective survey study was to assess patient preferences and satisfaction when treated with digitally fabricated CDs, by using a questionnaire.Material and methods.A total of 50 patients who received digital CDs were included in this study. A 10-item questionnaire was sent to the patients in order to assess their satisfaction with their digital CD experience. The items, or statements listed, were concerned with patient satisfaction and also the treatment technique and final outcome. Results of patient satisfaction questions were evaluated using descriptive statistics, means, and medians. All statistical tests were performed using commercially available software. Responses to the questionnaire provided by patients were analyzed using the Mantel-Haenszel chi-squared test (α=.05).Results.The questionnaire was sent to 50 patients, and the total patient response rate after treatment intervention was 38% (n=19). Data obtained from questionnaire responses revealed that patients were generally pleased and satisfied with digital CDs. The chi-squared test results revealed no statistically significant differences (P=.180) in the ratings of experienced CD wearers. However, 70% of experienced CD patients agreed that their new digital CDs were “better” than their previous set of CDs. In all categories evaluated, patients gave positive responses regarding their digital CDs.Conclusions.Results of this questionnaire-driven study suggest that ratings from experienced CD wearers rehabilitated with CAD-CAM-fabricated CDs did not differ significantly from their previous ratings of conventional CDs, but overall, their satisfaction ratings of their digital CDs tended to be positive.

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