Prospective cohort clinical study assessing the 5-year survival and success of anterior maxillary zirconia-based crowns with customized zirconia copings

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Statement of problem

Studies evaluating anterior zirconia-based crowns are limited.


The purpose of this prospective cohort clinical study was to assess the efficacy of zirconia-based anterior maxillary crowns with 0.3-mm customized copings at the cervical third and anatomical design elsewhere for up to 5 years of service.

Material and methods

Eighteen participants who required an anterior maxillary crown (n=20) and who had signed a consent form approved by the University of Washington Health Sciences Center Human Subjects Division were enrolled. All preparations were standardized and prepared with an occlusal reduction of 1.5 to 2 mm and an axial reduction of 1 to 1.5 mm with 10 degrees of convergence angle. All finish lines were located on the sound tooth structure. Zirconia copings (Lava; 3M ESPE) were custom designed and milled to a 0.3-mm thickness at the cervical third and with selective thickness elsewhere to support the veneering porcelain. All restorations were luted with self-etching self-adhesive composite resin cement. Recall appointments were at 2 weeks, 6 months, and 12 months, and annually thereafter for 5 years. Modified Ryge criteria were used to assess the clinical fracture measurements, esthetics, marginal discoloration, marginal adaptation, radiographic proximal recurrent caries, and periapical pathoses. Descriptive statistics and 95% confidence intervals were used to describe the number and rate of complications and self-reported satisfaction with the crowns.


Twenty crowns with a mean follow-up of 58.7 months were evaluated. All crowns were rated as Alfa for fracture measurements (smooth surface, no fracture/chipping). Twelve crowns were rated esthetically as Romeo (no mismatch in color and shade) and 8 as Sierra (mismatch in color and shade within normal range). Twelve crowns were rated as Alfa (no visible evidence of crevice) and 8 as Bravo (visible evidence of crevice, no penetration of explorer) for marginal integrity. Nineteen were rated as Alfa (no discoloration) and 1 as Bravo (superficial discoloration) for marginal discoloration. No proximal caries or periapical pathoses were detected in 5 years. Participants were highly satisfied with their crowns after 5 years (mean ±SD: 9.8 ±0.4 on 0 to 10 scale).


Zirconia-based anterior maxillary crowns with customized copings with 0.3-mm thickness at the cervical third and zirconia margins performed well after 5 years of service.

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