Facially generated and cephalometric guided 3D digital design for complete mouth implant rehabilitation: A clinical report

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Harmony among the teeth, lips, and facial components is the goal of prosthodontic treatment, whether performed by conventional or digital workflow methods. This clinical report describes a facial approach to planning computer-guided surgery and immediate computer-aided designed and computer-aided manufactured (CAD-CAM) interim complete-arch fixed dental prostheses on immediately placed dental implants with a digital workflow. A single clinical appointment for data collection included dentofacial documentation with photographs and videos. On these photographs, facial reference lines were drawn to create a smile frame. This digital smile design and sagittal cephalometric analysis were merged with 3-dimensional scanned casts and a cone beam computed tomographic file in virtual planning software, thus guiding virtual waxing and implant positioning. Computer-guided implant surgery and CAD-CAM interim dental prostheses allowed esthetic and functional rehabilitation in a predictable manner and integrated with the patient’s face.

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