Effect of sodium hypochlorite andRicinus communissolutions on control of denture biofilm: A randomized crossover clinical trial

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Statement of problemThe prevalence of complete edentulism remains high in the elderly, and previous data have shown that poor denture hygiene is common among patients with edentulism.PurposeThe purpose of this randomized crossover trial was to evaluate the efficacy of denture cleansers in terms of biofilm removal, antimicrobial action, and the remission of denture stomatitis.Material and methodsFifty denture wearers with denture stomatitis were instructed to brush their dentures (brush and soap) and to soak them (20 minutes/14 days) in 4 solutions, as follows: C (control), 0.85% saline; SH1, 0.1% sodium hypochlorite; SH2, 0.2% sodium hypochlorite; and RC, 8% Ricinus communis. The biofilm in the intaglio surface of maxillary dentures was stained, photographed, and quantified by software (Image Tool). It was then collected (brushed with saline solution), and the obtained suspension was diluted (100 to 10-3) and seeded (50 μL) in CHROMagar for Candida spp. After incubation, colony-forming units per milliliter values were calculated. Denture stomatitis remission was classified according to the Newton classification. Data were analyzed by Friedman (α=.05) and Wilcoxon tests and corrected by the Bonferroni test (α=.005).ResultsSH1 (mean rank [MR]=1.98) and SH2 (MR=1.64) showed lower biofilm coverage than C (MR=3.73) that was similar to RC (MR=2.92). SH1 (MR=2.43) and SH2 (MR=2.10) showed antimicrobial action for Candida spp, and RC (MR=3.36) showed similar results to C (MR=3.51) and baseline (MR=3.50). Clinical signs of denture stomatitis were reduced by SH1 (MR=2.44), while SH2 (MR=2.56) and RC (MR=2.74) showed intermediate results.ConclusionsThe two sodium hypochlorite solutions were the most effective means of biofilm control. All tested solutions were effective in reducing the signs of denture stomatitis.

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