Simplified edentulous treatment: A multicenter randomized controlled trial to evaluate the timing and clinical outcomes of the technique

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Statement of problem.The time and cost of conventional complete denture procedures have been questioned in favor of simplified and faster methods. Whether the simplified edentulous treatment (SET) method yields complete dentures with acceptable outcomes is unclear.Purpose.The purpose of this randomized clinical trial (RCT) was to evaluate the outcomes of 2 techniques in providing complete dentures: the conventional and the SET methods.Material and methods.Three Italian academic institutions participated in this single-blind parallel RCT. In total, 64 participants were selected and agreed to join the study. They were allocated randomly to 1 of 2 treatment groups, the conventional and SET group: 32 participants per group, 50% women in each group. Treatment was provided by final year predoctoral dental students. The time required for the clinical and laboratory procedures, the number of clinical sessions, and the laboratory returns were recorded. The clinical quality of the dentures and participant satisfaction were evaluated using questionnaires. Differences between treatment group outcomes were analyzed with 2-tailed independent sample Student t tests for clinical and technical timing and clinical and technical steps and Mann-Whitney U tests for denture quality and participant satisfaction (α=.05).Results.The clinical time required (−34%, P<.001), number of clinical sessions (−34%, P<.001), and laboratory returns (−46.5%, P<.001) were significantly lower for the SET than for the conventional method. The laboratory time required (−10.6%) was not significantly less with the SET method (P=.06). Participant satisfaction (P=.816) and prosthodontist ratings of denture quality (P=.539) were comparable between the groups. The participants appreciated the reduced number of clinical sessions with SET (P=.003).Conclusions.Simplified edentulous treatment may be considered a reliable method for providing complete dentures in a shorter timeframe while maintaining denture quality and patient satisfaction.

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