The combination prosthesis: A digitally designed retrievable cement- and screw-retained implant-supported prosthesis

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The technique described offers a digital workflow for designing and fabricating a combination cement- and screw-retained implant-supported prosthesis. After making the definitive impression and definitive stone cast, the definitive combination prosthesis is digitally designed. Custom-milled titanium abutments and cementable superstructure prosthesis are designed and milled by having occlusal access channels of the prosthesis correspond to the occlusal access channels of the custom abutments. After intraorally confirming the esthetics, occlusion, and fit, the prosthesis is cemented intraorally and removed as a screw-retained prosthesis. After excess cement is removed, the combination prosthesis is placed intraorally, and composite resin is used to seal the occlusal access channels.

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