Metabolic emergencies and the emergency physician

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Fifty percent of inborn errors of metabolism are present in later childhood and adulthood, with crises commonly precipitated by minor viral illnesses or increased protein ingestion. Many physicians only consider IEM after more common conditions (such as sepsis) have been considered. In view of the large number of inborn errors, it might appear that their diagnosis requires precise knowledge of a large number of biochemical pathways and their interrelationship. As a matter of fact, an adequate diagnostic approach can be based on the proper use of only a few screening tests. A detailed history of antecedent events, together with these simple screening tests, can be diagnostic, leading to life-saving, targeted treatments for many disorders. Unrecognised, IEM can lead to significant mortality and morbidity. Advice is available 24/7 through the metabolic service based at the major paediatric hospital in each state and Starship Children's Health in New Zealand.

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