Quality of Life in Patients Treated With Abdominoperineal Resection or Anterior Resection for Rectal Cancer

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Using a questionnaire, we compared the postoperative physical, social, and psychologic conditions of 40 patients who underwent APR with those of 116 patients who underwent anterior resection.


Physical conditions in the APR group were significantly worse than those in the anterior resection group. There were no significant differences in social conditions between the two groups, and social conditions were satisfactory in both groups. However, the will to live in the APR group was significantly less than that in the anterior resection group.


Although most patients who undergo APR return to their normal level of social condition after surgery, their will to live is less because of physical discomforts, including bowel dysfunction, urinary dysfunction, and sexual dysfunction. The quality of life is influenced by multiple factors, one of which may be the presence of the colostomy.

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